Resolutions Urge Release of Reverend Held on Marijuana Charges

By Wendy Osher
File photo by Wendy Osher.
A Senate committee will hear two resolutions tomorrow seeking the release of marijuana advocate, and Hawai’i Island resident, Roger Christie on bail.
Christie, a reverend and founder of the THC Ministry, has reportedly been held without a trial date since his arrest in July 2010 on charges for allegedly growing and distributing marijuana.
Officials from the Senate Office of Will Espero noted that the THC Ministry offered cannabis as part of its services.
The language in the resolutions states that Christie has been held at the Federal Detention Center on O’ahu, with “repeated requests” for release on bail denied on grounds that he is a “danger to the community.”
The resolutions further describe Christie as “a gentle, peaceful person” who “does not pose any danger to the community whatsoever.”
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