Legal Hemp: Legislation That Would Structure The Legal Growing Of Hemp In Colorado Could Launch New Industry

The Greeley Tribune  |  By Eric Brown
LOVELAND — Mark Daly drove from Wyoming to Loveland and back Thursday with hopes of resurrecting a business he lost about 12 years ago.
Like Daly, many of the 120 others at the Industrial Hemp Workshop were optimistic and enthusiastic — eager to bring back to U.S. farms a crop that has thousands of uses, they said, requires limited irrigation, has rapidly growing markets, but has “mistakenly” been lumped into marijuana talks and outlawed by the federal government since the 1950s.
Thursday’s workshop brought together entrepreneurs, lawmakers and crops growers — some in their 60s, clad in overalls and baseball caps, and others in their 20s, wearing hooded sweatshirts and trendy, think-framed glasses — to discuss hemp’s past, present and future.
Perhaps the event, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, is the start of a new chapter for U.S. ag — a general cheer that came from many in attendance, including by Sen. Gail Schwartz, D-Snowmass, who’s leading efforts to draft legislation that would structure how Colorado farmers could grow hemp.
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