10 Ounces = 60-Day Supply, And Other Rules For Medical Pot In Mass.

medical marijuana sign
(Photo: Laurie Avocado via Wikimedia Commons)
“Medical marijuana” became legal in Massachusetts on January 1, but the first draft of rules for its use are just out today.
Here are some highlights from the Department of Public Health. The full summary is here:

• Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs): DPH requires each non-profit MMTC organization to operate their own cultivation and dispensing facilities.
• Defining a 60-Day Supply: DPH recommends allowing up to 10 ounces for a personal 60-day supply.
• Debilitating Medical Condition: DPH does not further define which medical conditions qualify patients for medicinal use of marijuana, instead leaving that important decision to physicians and their patients.
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