Around China: Hemp shoes a hit in foreign markets

LANZHOU, April 13 (Xinhua) — In northwest China’s Gansu Province, hemp shoes, which used to be a must for local farmers, have made their way to the fashion world.

At the foot of the barren hills of Gangu County stand a cluster of workshops. An array of colorful hemp shoes displayed on shiny glass shelves looks out of place against the shops’ dusty surroundings.
From slippers and sandals to sneakers, the hand-made hemp shoes seem even stranger when Wang Yingwu, a workshop manager, said they were originally designed in Italy, France and Japan, even though many of the local craftsmen know little about these countries.
Hemp is widely grown in China’s northwest regions, especially in Gansu, where locals make rope with hemp fibers or weave hemp strands into sandals.
Chinese mythology says Fuxi, an ancient king born in Gansu, was the first to use hemp to make ropes and shoes. The Red Army also made and wore hemp shoes during the revolutionary era several decades ago.
“But the old-style hemp shoes don’t match today’s clothes,” said Wang. “So we try to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design.”
“My shoes look the same as the fashionable ones in big stores. The only difference is that mine are made of hemp,” he said.
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