Former NASA scientist creates DIY marijuana grow system

By Austin Briggs
weed helmet small 179x250 Former NASA scientist creates DIY marijuana grow system
It started on the forbidding terrain of Mars and is ending in the marijuana grow rooms of Colorado.

Operating out of Loveland, Dale Chamberlain — who received a Bachelor’s of Science from CSU in 1993 and holds a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from CU-Boulder — has taken the same scientific rigor he used to study advanced life support systems for future colonies on lunar and Martian environments, and applied it to creating a self-contained hydroponic chamber system for the “do-it-yourself” marijuana grower in Colorado.
“Now that it is legal to possess and grow your own cannabis in Colorado, one now can legally design a chamber around the growing of cannabis,” Chamberlain said.
He designed and built the Colorado Grow Box with the average grower in mind, someone who probably doesn’t have the time to dedicate to a complex, time consuming marijuana grow operation.
In compliance with state law, which mandates grow spaces have to be an enclosed, lockable space, the Colorado Grow Box is a lockable, self-contained system that, once up and running, requires little maintenance to produce consistent yields of marijuana.
“The bottom line is people don’t have time, they don’t have time because of a job and other things to deal with,” Chamberlain said. “With my background with plant chambered automation systems, it is a natural conclusion to build a chamber that would be like a refrigerator, where all you need to do is go and open the door and get your bud.”
“You worry about it once a week, maybe,” he added.
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