Crowds converge on Denver for 4/20 marijuana rally

By John Ingold, Sadie Gurman and John Wenzel, The Denver Post

Thousands of people have converged on Denver’s Civic Center for what organizers say is the largest marijuana celebration in the country.
The rally — held on a day cannabis enthusiasts regard as a holiday called 4/20 — is expected to draw tens of thousands by 4:20 p.m., when attendees will take a collective exhale that fogs the space between Denver’s city hall and Colorado’s state Capitol with a thick cloud of marijuana smoke. This is the first 4/20 rally since Colorado voters legalized marijuana use for people 21 and older in November, and rally organizers have said they expected 80,000 people to attend, though city officials say they expect fewer.
Marijuana smoking in public remains illegal, but  — who are out in force at the event — have said they will take a measured approach.
“We’re not going to be tackling 10,000 people and writing them all a citation,” said Denver police spokesman Matt Murray.
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