Cultivating Medical Marijuana in Sacramento

by Ron Mullins

Spring has sprung and the time has come for everyone to plant their gardens. If you live in a residential zone in Sacramento, you most likely won’t be legally employing the sunshine to nourish your marijuana plants.
It has been totally illegal for a few years now to plant any cannabis outdoors or indoors in the County of Sacramento, This was all due to a ban passed by the County Board of Supervisors in 2010. No law prohibiting cultivation of cannabis existed in the City of Sacramento until November 2012 when the Sacramento City Council passed it’s own ban on growing marijuana outdoors. The City Council pushed it through quickly and it now exists in the form of Ordinance 2012-045.

Image by: Ron Mullins
This law states that it is illegal to grow cannabis outside, either in a residential zone or in a residential-use building. The only way to legally grow is to do it indoors by submitting a plan to the city, keep it under 400 feet, follow all the safety and lighting precautions, and then allow the city to inspect and approve it. It’s that simple! Perhaps on closer inspection, this process is far out of reach of the common Sacramentan.
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