What happens when you throw a big legal marijuana party in Seattle?

Our culture’s great collective marijuana fear was realized last night in Seattle … and nothing happened. No federals. No mayhem. No protests or arrests … no melee … just a carnival like atmosphere with stage shows, games and venders and pot.
Well, okay, a whole heck of a lot of marijuana was vaped and smoked by medical marijuana patients, as well as anyone who brought their own. But other than that, the great 4/20 cannabis free-for-all put on by Dope Magazine last night in the Sodo hood seemed pretty darn harmless.
One Seattle police cruiser (that I saw) came by, gave the area a once over and moved on. Apparently, the other big 4/20 event in Seattle put on by the organizers of Hempfest, went off without a hitch as well.
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