‘Doonesbury’ mainstay Zonker eyeing marijuana grow ‘outside Boulder’

By Charlie Brennan Camera Staff Writer

Colorado is becoming so alluring to those hoping to cash in on cannabis that even cartoon characters are joining the green stampede.
Zonker Harris, the unrepentant stoner who has lounged around the “Doonesbury” comic strip for roughly four decades, is journeying to Colorado to become a “bajillionaire” marijuana producer, bringing along his underachieving and aimless nephew, Zipper.
In¬†Tuesday’s strip, “Doonesbury” artist/author Garry Trudeau revealed what might be — if their GPS doesn’t fail them — their ultimate destination.
“Uncle Zonk has set his sights on a sweet little grow outside of Boulder!’ Zipper clued in his roommate, Jeff.
“Sounds awesome,” Jeff replied, to which Zipper said, “We’re not chasing the American dream, dude. It’s chasing us!”
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