Missouri Hemp Network announces “Rehempification of America” for SB 358

BY Missouri Statesman
The Missouri Hemp Network is proud to announce “Rehempification of America”.  It is a call to action for American citizens to voice their opinion about farm sovereignty and Hemp farming in America.
Last year, sales revenue for Hemp final products surpassed 500 million.  Those sales could’ve gone to American farmers and American manufacturing.  Unfortunately, the market for organic, non-gmo, and natural living grows bigger every year.  The customer base for diabetics, lactose intolerant, allergic centric households requires access to these great products.
This is the reason for the call to action.  From now until Hemp History week
( June 3 to June 9) the Missouri Hemp Network would like every citizen to voice their opinion in three different ways.
This includes:
1.  Letters to the Editor
2.  Call pyramids to state and federal politicians
3.  Hemp Purchase Pledge
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