Doobie Don: state Senate candidate lights up in park

  • By Michael Macagnone

Don DeZarn smokes a joint at Veterans Park in Hamilton on Monday afternoon.

HAMILTON — Monday afternoon in Hamilton’s Veterans Park, Don DeZarn lit up a joint to protest the nation’s drug laws; he also wants to represent New Jersey’s 14th district in the state Senate.

DeZarn pulled the joint, which he said was marijuana, out of his sock after speaking to reporters for 15 minutes on his views on drug laws, property taxes, school choice and open government.

He was aware of the illegality; in the press release announcing the bit of civil disobedience, he said “Yes, I will be firing one up in public. Hopefully you will be able to run a story on Tuesday titled ‘State Senate candidate arrested at press conference.’”

No police officers showed up, but DeZarn spoke about his views on the drug, which he thinks should be legalized and regulated in the same way that alcohol and cigarettes are.

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