Tell The Mayor Of Meridian, Idaho To Stop The Lies About Cannabis

meridian idaho Mayor Tammy de Weerd cannabis marijuana lies
Moms for Marijuana’s main focus is to bring education and awareness and to create honest discussion in our communities about the cannabis plant. In doing so, we are fighting decades of lies, fear and propaganda, propagated by our government and big industries that don’t care about anything other than their huge profits. Today we need your help in stopping some of this “Reefer Madness” from affecting our families.
Mayor Tammy de Weerd of Meridian Idaho has signed a $625,000 Executive Order to establish the Mayor’s Anti-Drug Coalition (MADC), which received its money from a Drug-Free Community Grant through the federal government. This coalition is, of course, against cannabis use and is spreading lies and misinformation throughout the community.
Reefer Madness by Executive Order? Can you imagine? Well that’s exactly what’s happening in Idaho. Mom’s needs YOU to spring into action to help stop the madness.
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