Anonymous Strikes Back At Philly Police For Adam Kokesh Marijuana Bust

Anonymous Team Vendetta wasn’t about to let the marijuana arrest of Libertarian radio host and Iraq veteran Adam Kokesh go unremarked.
[Adam Kokesh/Facebook]
[Adam Kokesh/Facebook]
The hacktivist group on Tuesday temporarily took down at least two websites, the Philly Police Blog and, the United States Park Ranger Lodge, in retaliation for Kokesh’s arrest.
When Kokesh was busted at a pro-marijuana rally in Philadelphia moments before 4:20 p.m. on Sunday, he had justencouraged the crowd to smoke weed and to “make it difficult for the police” to break up the rally, according to video of the incident, reports Hunter Stuart at The Huffington Post.
“I’m being assaulted by an officer of the law who is a clear criminal,” Kokesh said into his microphone at the Smoke Down Prohibition rally as officers struggled to get handcuffs onto the activist. People in the crowd started chanting, “Stop the violence!”
Kokesh was charged on Monday with assaulting and impedingNational Park Service Rangers, according to court documents, despite clear video evidence that he was the victim, not the instigator, of any assault which took place.

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