Exclusive: A close look at the Qwic Tulp Hempscooter

By David Graus
Exclusive: A close look at the Qwic Tulp Hempscooter
Let it be no secret that we in Amsterdam like our greens. And so do the people at QWIC! Their Tulp electric scooter is green in every way imaginable: made out of hemp-composite, this electric scooter is totally bio-degradable, silent, clean and durable!

The Tulp

Vaniek Colenbrander shows the Tulp

A week ago, on a very rainy day, me and Augustus visited QWIC’s headquarters, to take a closer look at their Tulp-scooter (Augustuswrote about earlier). Sadly it was too rainy outside to take the Tulp out for a spin. Vaniek Colenbrander welcomed us: the right guy to talk to as he basically designed the Tulp during an internship at QWIC, in 2008 when he was studying Industrial Design at Delft University. During this period he worked on the design and concept of the sustainable hemp-scooter. Later that year he pulled in a nice subsidy which kick started the actual development of the Tulp. The money was most welcome as the total costs of the prototype are at an estimate of €100.000. Approximately half of that is for lab tests, and the other half for actually producing the thing. Incredibly, the costs of the hemp-composite outer-shell is a mere €20!
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