Nevada bill paves way for medical pot dispensaries



CARSON CITY, Nev. —¬†Thirteen years ago, voters amended the Nevada Constitution to legalize the use of medical marijuana, but there has been no way of legally getting the drug in the state aside from growing it at home. The Legislature acted to change that Monday, advancing a proposal that would pave the way for dispensaries.
The Assembly voted 28-14 to pass the bill, which still needs a final procedural approval from the Senate. It then heads to Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, who has said he will consider it.
“It’s time,” said Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, the measure’s primary sponsor. “People that are sick and need it – they’ll be able to buy it, and they don’t need to worry about violating the law.”
The bill, SB374, establishes the framework to make pot available to medical marijuana card holders, imposing fees and requirements for growers, processors and dispensaries of pot. It also contains provisions to continue to allow home-growing until 2016.
The taxes raised first would fund the regulatory structure for the state, and any remaining balance would go to education.

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