The Power Of The Cannabis Economy

marijuana and money
In July, $2 bills will be flowing into the cash registers of businesses across Michigan in an effort to show the cannabis community’s economic impact.
Community representatives are calling on the patients, caregivers and legalization supporters to unite in the symbolic effort. The idea is simple: spend one $2 bill when paying for every cash purchase made everywhere from July 10 through July 31. As restaurant and retail business owners and managers see the influx of $2 bills they will gain a respect for the purchasing power of the marijuana-friendly consumer- and so will the legislature.
“The $2 bill plan doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t require a meeting or an agreement on philosophy. It’s simple and legal,” says Donnie from the Metro Detroit Compassion Club. “Here is the opportunity to show power through numbers and economic impact. Pass it on state to state; pass it on nationwide to include all who support the cannabis community.”
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