Marijuana stories: Patients eager to come out of shadows when law passes

Ted Wright’s wife was wasting away before his eyes.
Ravaged by constant nausea and vomiting – the side effects from a clinical trial drug that was keeping her cancer at bay – Cindy Wright had rapidly lost more than 30 pounds.
“She couldn’t eat,” her husband recalled. “And they said, ‘You’ve got to stop losing weight; we’re taking you off the trial.'”
A nurse at their Boston hospital had told them other patients were getting through their treatments by using cannabis – marijuana. Desperate, the Wrights decided to try it.
“Within five minutes, she was eating the biggest meal I’d seen her eat in a year,” Ted Wright said. “As soon as she felt the effects of the drug, she felt well enough to eat.”
“It was just amazing. And she put the weight back on within a month and stabilized,” he said. It’s been two years, and “she’s been stable ever since.”
“That flipped a switch for me,” said Wright, a Tuftonboro Republican who was elected to the House last November. “It became a crusade for me.”
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