Marijuana Legalization Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

By Dennis Romero

LA Weekly

Marijuana advocates are taking their cause for legalization all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, they announced today.
The group Americans for Safe Access said it would challenge a U.S. Court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit decision turning down its argument that marijuana should be downgraded from a federal “schedule I” outlaw drug:
ASA said it filed a “petition for writ of certiorari,” essentially an appeal, with the U.S. Supreme Court today that could prod the high court to consider whether marijuana is indeed among the nation’s most dangerous, most unusable drugs.
The court does not have to consider the case. If it doesn’t, the lower court’s ruling would stand.
Schedule 1 is reserved for those hardcore substances like heroin that have no business in a doctor’s office. Even cocaine, which has some medical uses despite its tough street punishments, is not a schedule 1 drug.
A downgrade of marijuana would quasi-legalize it on a federal level, essentially, opening it up to limited medical uses.
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