Marijuana Helps Relieve Pain of Disabled Vet

by Pat Anson
Mike McLean has battled chronic back pain for over a decade. It started when he was a sergeant in the Canadian army and eventually grew so severe it ended his 22-year military career.
“It causes an incredible amount of pain. It’s like a hot knife being slowly driven into my back,” McLean says. “The way the doctors describe it, my back is so screwed up there’s nothing that’s going to fix it again. They kind of gave up.”
“I tried every single treatment you can think of. Physical therapy, acupuncture, even a botox injection. I’ve also had nerve blockers, tons of different medications, including fentanyl patches, OxyContin and Percocet. Doctors throw all sorts of pharmaceuticals at you for physical pain.”
The painkillers helped deaden McLean’s pain, but also came with side effects; including constipation, night sweats and the threat of addiction.
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