THE WAR ISN’T OVER: Eddy Lepp – I Am Serving Ten Years in Prison for Growing Medical Marijuana

THE WAR ISN’T OVER: Eddy Lepp- I Am Serving Ten Years in Prison for Growing Medical Marijuana
Editor’s Note: I met Eddy Lepp for the first time while writing about him forSKUNK Magazine in 2010.  I visited Eddy in Federal prison in my hometown of Lompoc, CA. When I showed up at the prison I was directed to the Medium Security Facility and the Federal Prison Camp. I signed both log books before being directed to where Eddy actually was, the Low Security facilities. After writing about Eddy my name dropped off the log books and it was as if I had never visited. I was denied access to visit again at FCI Lompoc. He now resides at FCI La Tuna in Anthony, TX. I visited him in late 2012 again for SKUNK Magazine
Eddy is currently serving a 10-year mandatory minimum for growing marijuana for legally registered patients. He is a Rastafarian minister who gave away marijuana to anyone in need. He wrote this 4/20 message from Federal Prison. 
-Angela Bacca
When I was asked to write this I really had to stop and think. I was reminded of the Jack Nickelson movie A Few Good Men: You can’t handle the truth! Sadly, I believe the truth is, so much of this is a fantasy land, it’s a Mad Hatter ride.
When I first came to prison, about four and a half years ago, I was like a child. All I could do is look around shocked, my eyes full of wonder. I learned one of my first lessons right away. Oftentimes, you should be more afraid of the prison guards than the inmates.
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