First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Washington D.C.
Capital City Care was selling pharmaceutical grade, organic medical marijuana to local residents of the District of Columbia on Thursday, 15 years after the District’s medical marijuana law was passed.
[David A. Guard, General Manager, Capital City Care]:
“Making that first sale to a patient, it’s different maybe than others in business would have experienced. Everybody remembers their first sale but because we’ve waited so long and worked so hard to get to this point, it was extra special.”
The law was first passed by voter in 1998, but for 12 years Congress prevented the law from going into effect.
The dispensary is restricted by law to serve only people who live in the District of Columbia who are severely ill with conditions including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.
[David A. Guard, General Manager, Capital City Care]:
“When you see someone go through life with something like that and go through death, you realize how impactful medical marijuana can be on people’s lives and how much it can truly help their day-to-day in a time of great need.”