Should Marijuana Be Legal for Religious Purposes?

Eliyahu Federman  

Medical marijuana is spreading in acceptance, with Illinois this month becoming the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana.
This week a Federal court judge ruled that religion can be used as a defense in a marijuana distribution charge. But so far no states have legalized religious marijuana use, even though there is compelling reason to do so.
People consume alcohol for religious reasons, especially Jews. At least 25 states even allow minors to consume alcohol for religious purposes. So why not legalize marijuana for legitimate religious purposes?
Various world religions include the practice of ritual drinking of alcohol. Christians drink communion wine. Jews drink Kiddush wine, Passover Seder wine, and consume alcohol on festivals such as Purim where the tradition is to celebrate by drinking until one can’t distinguish Haman (our enemy) and Mordecai (our hero).
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