Legalizing hemp in Tennessee

“The hemp clothing – you can’t wear it out….” Amber Keirn is what you might call a hemp expert.
What started as a hobby… “We started with hemp necklaces… just making them. And we said — this is so easy a Monkey could do it!” Turned into a business — aptly named, Hemp Monkey.
But their profitable plant is often associated with another.
Amber Keirn, Hemp Monkey,  “Hemp and marijuana are two different plants. They are cousins they do not have the same qualities. Ones used for its fibers and its oils, the other’s used for ,well, you know what its used for”
Sen. Frank Niceley, (R) Strawberry Plains, “Its not marijuana, you can’t smoke it. But you can make 1000’s of products from it. And we import about half a billion dollars of it a year.”
Dollars, Senator Frank Nicely believes could benefit Tennessee farmers.
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