The One Thing Missing From My Fitness Routine? Hemp!

The One Thing Missing From My Fitness Routine? Hemp!

by Riley Cote, former NHL player and current Assistant Coach to the Adirondack Phantoms (AHL) and shown (above) with wife Ashey Cote

The wheels started falling off the carriage at the ripe young age of 28, and was the main reason I retired from my playing days in the NHL. I was physically worn down, mentally drained, and I had a lot of questions about why that might be. I was always fit, in good shape and did everything in my power to be the best I could be. Or so I thought.

I realized I neglected the single most important part of being a human being, and on top of that, a professional athlete. Proper nutrition. I say proper because the words nutrition and health are thrown around pretty loosely these days and without any real substance.

As I embarked on a new chapter in my life coaching professional hockey, I also changed my lifestyle drastically. I cut out chemically processed, dead foods and replaced them with nutrient-dense whole foods.

Still having a passion for fitness, I adopted a totally different way of taking care of my body and fueling it. As most of you know, protein is the building block of muscle development and repair, so I began learning about different types of protein and learned how not all protein is equal. I also learned that one of the most balanced and digestible forms of protein was the hemp seed.

HEMP?  You crazy, won’t you get high?

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