Moms for Marijuana: Time to End the War on Families
Submitted to Ladybud by Mercedys McNight, Chief Operating Officer atCannaMLS & Serra Frank, Founding Executive Director of Moms for Marijuana International; PHOTO: Diane Fornbacher
“There are many more heartbreaking stories of children being torn from their families, their lives dragged through the hell of the family law court system, and some even lost to their families forever through forced adoption, all because family protection agencies, court systems, and specialists refuse to realize that marijuana is not dangerous and does not present the immediate harm required by law to remove a child from their family.
The most heartbreaking consequence of these situations is that children are being thrown into the homes of strangers, away from everyone and everything they know and love. Immediate harm is required by law to remove a child from his or her home. The science and toxicology of cannabis have proven that cannabis is NOT harmful. But surely, ripping families apart is.”
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