Causing the sick to suffer?

To the Editor:
The federal government recently announced they are taking away a medicinal cannabis user’s right to grow their own medicine, and forcing them to buy their medicine through the mail from a limited number of commercial growers.
According to Health Canada a medicinal cannabis user can grow their own cannabis for as low as $1.80 a gram, yet under the new regulations they estimate the cost to be between $7.65 and $9 a gram. According to Health Canada the average medicinal cannabis user consumes between three and seven grams a day, at $1.80 a gram that comes to $162 – $378 a month. Under the new regulations that cost would be anywhere between $688 – $1890 a month for the average medicinal cannabis user. Those with serious and/or life threatening diseases like cancer, AIDS, Crohns disease, cluster headaches, etc often need to consume significantly more than the average to reduce their day by day suffering. There is no way these people will be able to afford their medicine and are going to be forced to either comply with the law, which will cause them great suffering (and for some even death), or to break the law and continue to grow the medicine they need.
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