Utah Families Want State To Separate Epilepsy Treatment From Marijuana

By Cristina Flores
Jennifer May just wants her 11 year-old son Stockton to be comfortable – that’s difficult though given Stockton has five to thirty  seizures a day.
He can only attend school for a few hours every week.   “More than anything, it’s stressful,” she said of the feeling of helplessness she often experiences when Stockton has seizures.   Stockton is on a series of medications but Jennifer says the side-effects are often a big problem.  Plus, the meds are expensive – about six thousand dollars a month which is covered by the state Medicaid program.
There is something that Jennifer and other Utah families feel could make a huge difference for kids who have intense epileptic seizures.  It’s called Alepsia.  Its oil made from an extract from the Cannabis or Marijuana plant.  The families asked the Utah Controlled Substances Advisory Board to separate Alepsia from Marijuana and not consider it a controlled substance.
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