The Diary of a Mother’s Fight for Medical Cannabis Access

Anna, age 6, diagnosed with intractable epilepsy
Anna, age 6, diagnosed with intractable epilepsy
Photo: Danielle Keyser
It’s Sunday morning. I look over at the clock beside my bed at 5:59 a.m., just seconds before the alarm starts to buzz. I roll over, place my hand gently on my daughter’s chest, and wait to feel the subtle rise and fall of her ribcage. Ahhh, Anna is breathing. I’m good now.
You’d think having just celebrated her 6th birthday, that I would no longer feel the need to make sure Anna is still alive every morning, much less have her nestled between her father and I night after night. But when you have a child with intractable epilepsy, all the conventional rules on parenting will inevitably be thrown out the proverbial window.
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