Michigan House passes bills to legalize ‘edible’ pot products, clarify law

Written by Kathleen Gray Gannett Michigan
A marijuana plant is seen in the home of Marcelo Vazquez, a marijuana grower, on the outskirts on the outskirts of Montevideo, Uruguay, Monday, Dec. 9, 2013.

Medical marijuana laws were eased and clarified by the state House of Representatives Thursday.
Two bills – one which would let communities allow and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries and the other which would legalize marijuana-infused products like brownies and oils – passed the House and now move to the Senate, which could begin considering the bills next year.
A third bill, SB 660 which passed on an 87-22 vote, would provide for the licensure and regulation of facilities to grow and test pharmaceutical grade pot and allow those facilities to sell the drug to pharmacies to dispense. The bill, which has already passed the Senate, is contingent upon the federal government reclassifying marijuana from an illegal to a prescription drug. Since minor changes were made in the bill in the House, it needs to go back to the Senate for concurrence before it heads to Gov. Rick Snyder for his signature.
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