Yucca Valley Town Council urged to reconsider pot ban

By Courtney Vaughn, Hi-Desert Star
Dispensary owner
Courtney Vaughn, Hi-Desert Star
YUCCA VALLEY — Medical marijuana advocates pleaded with the Town Council Tuesday, Dec. 17, to reopen the Morongo Basin’s only medical marijuana dispensary. California Alternative Medicinal Solutions was the last one standing earlier this month, until a sunset clause kicked in and the dispensary had to close its storefront.
The dispensary was permitted in 2008. The Yucca Valley Town Council voted in 2010 to prohibit dispensaries in town, but allowed CAMS to wind down its operations over a few years.
CAMS was given until December of this year to shut down its operations.
“I’ve been closed now for about 10 days,” CAMS Director Brian Nicholson said. “I see patients everywhere. I have everyone telling me they’re in pain. They’re hurting. I really need you to revisit this. I operated for three years without any issues.”
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