Legalize marijuana in Alabama? Debate ignited after arrest of leading advocate for medical marijuana

By Paul Gattis | 
The arrest of the executive director of the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition has stirred debate among readers over legalizing marijuana in Alabama.
Christopher Butts and three other people were arrested Saturday by the Cullman County sheriff’s department. Butts, Stephen Franks, Sonja Franks and Amber Nixon face a felony charge of trafficking marijuana while Nixon has also been charged with possession of a controlled substance.
Cullman County Sheriff Mike Rainey said deputies responded to a call regarding the welfare of the child at the house where the arrests were made. A child was turned over to the department of human resources and arrangements were made for the child to stay with family, Rainey said.
The sheriff also said about 35 marijuana plants as well as some buds were confiscated at the house southwest of Cullman.
A non-scientific poll conducted on earlier this month (and where you can stillcast your vote) indicated overwhelming support from readers for the legalization of marijuana. 
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