Georgia Parents Call For Medical Marijuana For Sick Kids

By Allison Geller
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As state medical marijuana legalization laws gain ground across the country, Georgia parents are lobbying for action in advance of the 2014 legislative session, which will begin next week.
Georgia parents with children who suffer from seizure disorders have heard reports of children with similar afflictions finding greater relief from medical marijuana in edible or oil form than from any other medication. In states like California and Colorado, medical marijuana is some kids’— and parents’— saving grace.
“These kids in Colorado are not getting high, they’re taking it in an oil format, they’re not smoking it. It’s basically safer than any medicine we can prescribe our children today,” parent Blaine Cloud told WBS-TV.
Cloud’s 8-year-old daughter Alaina suffers from Dravet syndrome, the same rare genetic disorder that afflicts the daughter of a New Jersey couple who was forced to move to Colorado to seek treatment.
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