Charles Barkley Takes on Nancy Grace on Pot Use: It Just Made Me ‘Giggle and Eat Potato Chips’

by Matt Wilstein

Appearing on HLN Wednesday afternoon, former NBA star Charles Barkley challenged Nancy Grace’suggestion that all marijuana users are just “fat and lazy.” In fact, we can now add Barkley to the list of pot smokers who managed to make something of themselves despite experimenting with the drug.
“I probably smoked pot ten times in my life,” Barkley said, making sure to stress that it was when he was a “much younger” man. “It didn’t do anything but make me want to eat potato chips.”
Asked if this means Grace was right that marijuana makes people “fat,” Barkley said there were many more factors that contributed to his weight issues over the years. “It didn’t do anything for me,” he said. “It made me giggle and want to eat potato chips.”
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