Maggie McIntosh adds powerful voice to legal marijuana movement

Erin Cox | The Baltimore Sun

  • 65, Democratic state delegate  The coalition to uphold Maryland's same-sex marriage law on the ballot was strong on passion and light on unity when the governor tapped Del. Maggie McIntosh to step in last fall. The coalition faced an organized opponent backed by deep pockets -- and needed a decision-maker. With her business-like style, McIntosh set to work. "You can't take a vote on every line of every commercial," she said. "At some point, you have to trust." Maryland's first openly gay state lawmaker slimmed the paid staff, created an advisory cabinet, reached out to donors and explored why national groups had not helped the effort in Maryland. As a result, "decisions could be made quickly, and yet everybody felt like they were listened to." -- Erin Cox
Baltimore Del. Maggie McIntosh joined the chorus of powerful legislators supporting legalized marijuana in Maryland.
In a Friday email to supporters, McIntosh identified the legalizing pot as one of four “the biggest, most important issues” facing the General Assembly this year.
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