Business Owners Looking to Nevada for Pot Legalization

By Nathan Baca, Investigative Reporter – bio | email
By Alex Brauer, Photojournalist – email
LAS VEGAS — Medical marijuana dispensaries are just months away from opening in Las Vegas and already business owners are talking about setting up retail weed stores.
Colorado is one of the latest states to make pot legal. Sarah Overbeck works the counter at the Denver Kush Club. She’s handling a whole new customer now. Nobody in Colorado needs a card, permission, or even a reason to buy weed.
“I’m looking to relax and now you can just stop by the pot store at the end of the night. You just go home and relax. A drink, a glass of wine, or a joint, it doesn’t really matter. It’s kind of the same thing,” said Nick Kjolhede, Colorado resident.
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