Marijuana Moms More Powerful Than Soccer Moms

by Shannon Malone
The medical marijuana debate is in full swing with 20 states on board and several others ready to take the plunge. An unlikely source of advocates namely, moms, could become as powerful as soccer moms in the fight for their children. Soccer moms have earned the reputation of being  intelligent cheerleaders and outspoken advocates for their children’s physical activities. There is nothing more powerful than a mother advocating for their child. Mothers of children with severe health challenges are adopting the same take-charge attitudes as many of the so-called “soccer moms.” A mother wants to offer her child any and all options that may be available to help them, despite politic banter from people who do not know what it is like to be a parent of an ill child. Studies have shown marijuana to be a real medical solution to many ailments including some in children.
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