Eddy Lepp: I Am Serving a 10-Year Mandatory Minimum for Marijuana in Colorado


Photo of The Federal Correctional Institution in Florence, Colorado (FCI Florence)
Oh, the joy and heartbreak of being here in Colorado.
It is somewhat ironic that the Feds would send me here, to the only state that has made sales of marijuana completely legal, not only for its own citizens but also those just passing through.
I am serving a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for growing marijuana at low or no cost to whoever needed it in Northern California. I grew 30,000 plants out in the open to make sure anyone who needed medical marijuana got it, regardless of whether they could afford it. I am also a Rastafarian minister and using cannabis is part of our spiritual practice, and should be protected by the law. The judge in my case even stated she didn’t think I belonged in prison, but that she had to sentence me to the mandatory minimum.
I began my sentence in FCI Lompoc, in Southern California and was moved to FCI La Tuna near the Texas-Mexico border. I requested a move and here I am now at FCI Florence, in Colorado.
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