We Shouldn’t Arrest One More Person for Having Marijuana

By Dice Raw
Dice Raw
As a five-time Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter, I live, breath and salute an art form born of the streets and connected to the very people affected by biased drug laws across our country​.
I had a homie who was arrested for having an ounce of weed that was just for his personal use. He had full custody of his four children and still did 8 long months. My friend hasn’t been the same since, to be quite honest, and I just can’t get over the fact that before he went into the system, he was funny, sensitive, and charismatic, and now, he’s just different.
And, he’s not alone. He’s just another casualty of the War on Drugs, which is taking directly from the frontline. I know so many people who have been victimized by insanely unbalanced and truly outdated drug laws that do more damage to the fabric of modern society than to the actual so-called criminal offense the laws are disciplining.​
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