John Sajo – Oregon

By John Sajo
Last November I wrote an op-ed in the Oregonian where I seconded that newpaper’s call for the Oregon Legislature to refer a marijuana legalization measure to Oregon voters. The Oregonian, and other commentators, have argued that the legislature could write a better law than marijuana activists. Unfortunately, the Oregon Legislature has proved that idea completely wrong.
Last year the Legislature┬ápassed HB 3460 which would allow dispensaries and ordered OHA to create rules for the program. OHA began accepting dispensary license applications on March 3. Less than a week after 289 people paid a $4000 application fee, the Legislature partially reversed itself and passed SB 1531 which allows cities or counties to ban dispensaries for one year. SB 1531 also forbids medical marijuana products “packaged in a manner attractive to children” and now OHA has proposed rules that would effectively ban almost all medibles.
Way to go Oregon Legislature. First allow dispensaries. Then, right after people invest their life savings in new businesses, allow cities to ban them. Then make sure that no patients can obtain medibles in any form that is appealing. I guess they want to make sure that patients can only smoke marijuana, and not eat it. God forbid we let patients and their doctors decide what is the best way to use medical marijuana.
Thank god we have the initiative process. And the ability to vote out incompetent politicians.