Global Capitalism Would Make A Pack Of Fully Legal Cannabis Joints Cost 50 Cents, Not $50

Tim Worstall
There’s an interesting piece over at Fast Company ruminating on what the cost of a pack of legal cannabis joints would be. The answer they come up with is around $50, with perhaps the top end premium products at the $120 of the current marketplace. There’s a problem with this calculation though for in a properly and fully legal market the cost of a pack of joints will end up somewhere around 50 cents, not that $50 figure. The reason is that while consumption is newly legal in a couple of States production is not legal under Federal law anywhere. And we most certainly don’t yet have anyone (legally of course, the illegal stuff flows over the borders all the time) able to tap into the global market to source production. When it’s possible for that to happen then prices will very swiftly fall to that much lower level of only a few cents per spliff.
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