Cannabis Makes My Son Feel ‘Normal’: Cooper’s Bowling Trip

Cannabis Makes My Son Feel ‘Normal’: Cooper’s Bowling Trip
Every Friday in March, all the special needs kids in our local school district go bowling. It’s a special event for the kids, and they all really look forward to it. But my son has never been able to participate until today.
Cooper is 16, and his life has been difficult.
When he was 5 months old, he started having seizures. We tried a combination of approximately 27 different medications. We didn’t know at first that he had Dravet Syndrome, so we tried Lamictal (which is contraindicated for Dravet), and that was a year of increased seizures – it was awful. And then there were side effects…He had a kidney stone the size of a dime when he was 3, and proceeded to have them many more times after that, and had to have them removed with laser surgery. At 7, he had pancreatitis for the second time and it was so bad that he had to be hospitalized for 5 days on an IV, he couldn’t eat or drink.
But those were the good years.
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