High time we explore hemp’s many uses

IOL ct hemp house lounge-to-kitchen
Hemporium constructed a hemp house in Noordhoek that is constructed with hempcrete (a mix of chipped hemp stalk and lime), hemp insulation (made from the hollow hemp fibre) and hemp chipboard.
The soft furnishings such as carpets, curtains, couches and bed linen all were made from hemp too.
Hempcrete has been dubbed “the better-than-zero-carbon” building material, and the houses built with it are not only eco-friendly, but are healthy, breathable and well insulated.
With economies of scale, all of these products could be competitive with the price of traditional building methods, as has been shown in Europe, with Marks & Spencer building their latest flagship store using hempcrete.
If we evaluated construction materials on the true costs, including the environmental and social costs, hemp would win every time.
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