AG Holder willing to consider dropping marijuana from same drug category as LSD, heroin and ecstasy

Marc Stewart
Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Committee On Justice Dep't Oversight
DENVER – Friday nights are some of the busiest at the Citi-Med dispensary, where for the moment, only green can be used to buy green.
In the eyes of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Marijuana is categorizedjust like heroin, LSD, and ecstasy.
It’s why most banks won’t accept money from pot sales.
Yet there may be a shift by the feds in making marijuana more mainstream.
Attorney General Eric Holder now says he’s willing to work with Congress to possibly remove pot from the “dangerous drug list.”
“We’d be more than glad to work with Congress if there is a desire to look at and reexamine how the drug is scheduled, as I said there is a great degree of expertise that exists in Congress,” Holder told the House Appropriations Committee hearing Friday, the Huffington Postreported. “It is something that ultimately Congress would have to change, and I think that our administration would be glad to work with Congress if such a proposal were made.”
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