Thousands attend 43rd annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor


Thousands of people attended an annual pro-marijuana rally today that’s been held on the University of Michigan campus for 43 years.

The event on the university’s campus has historically celebrated marijuana and promotes its legalization. A new group of organizers this year has extended the hours and brought in speakers to cover various topics.

Longtime Hash Bash organizer, and this year’s emcee, Adam Brook said he remains focused on the rallying and campaigning efforts.

“Local ballot initiatives are, in my opinion, the most important thing,” said Brook, who served a two-year prison sentence after police raided his Royal Oak home and discovered more than a pound of marijuana. Many people consider him to be a leader of the movement to legalize cannabis in the state.

“That’s what’s going to change and persuade the legislators,” he said. “That people want the change.”

The Hash Bash began in 1971 after a local activist, John Sinclair, was sent to prison for 10 years for selling two joints to undercover police. He was released after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled the state’s marijuana statutes were unconstitutional.

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