Dagga activists to host 4.20 celebration

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Johannesburg – A party to raise funds for a legal challenge against dagga prohibition laws will be held in Johannesburg on Sunday, cannabis non-profit organisation Green Fields For All said on Saturday.

“This is the second year of our 4.20 party, a date ‘sacred’ to the worldwide cannabis culture,” spokesperson Julian Stobbs said.
According to Wikipedia, 20 April 20 or “4.20” has become a day of marijuana celebration, particularly in North America.
“We tap into a complete cross-section of South Africa, just as the plant does. It is truly a rainbow crowd of old young, black white, straight, gay, smoker and non-smoker alike.”
Stobbs said South Africa had a “huge, vibrant cannabis culture” with the plant being used for various purposes, including recreational and medical reasons.
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