Iowa’s Only Two Medical Marijuana Recipients May Lose Access

Patients Out of Time

Two of the last remaining federal marijuana patients are facing a bleak future as a result of their physician relocating to another state. Patients Out of Time is issuing an urgent request for a Midwestern physician to come forward and help these individuals.

Barbara Douglass and George McMahon are unique. They represent one-half of the remaining recipients of federal marijuana for medical purposes. Douglass and McMahon were approved under the now defunct Compassionate IND program. For nearly twenty years patients needing marijuana for medical purposes had the option to apply for federal access under a quasi-research program known as a Compassionate IND.

The program was closed by the Bush Administration in 1992 after hundreds of AIDS patients applied for access. All new applications were refused but approximately 15 patients who were receiving marijuana at that time were “grandfathered” and continued receiving federal marijuana. In the intervening 22 years since the program’s closure eleven patients have died. McMahon and Douglass represent 50% of the current patient population receiving federal marijuana.

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