Cranfords debuts its high THC, machine-rolled cannabis cigarettes

By , The Cannabist Staff
All-marijuana cigarettes are now a reality. (Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes)

The cigarette is an American icon, like it or not. And while Big Tobacco and anti-cigarette activists alike can (and will) take advantage of its iconic visage, they’re not the only ones utilizing its familiarity.

A Colorado company debuted its all-marijuana cigarettes a few months ago, and now the Rifle, Colo.-based makers of Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes are hoping their sharply marketed and smartly designed product takes off in Colorado — and soon other markets.

“A lot of people who smoke (tobacco) cigarettes have tried our products, and they like that it’s the same feeling — the way it fits between your fingers and how you smoke it and flick it,” said Cranfords chief operating officer Chris Connors. “But there’s no tobacco in there. It’s all marijuana, about 100 milligrams in each cigarette, so they’ll definitely make you feel differently than a regular cigarette.”

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