New York – Cops turn blind eye to pot smokers at Cannabis Parade

The city’s annual Cannabis Parade wafted pungently down Broadway on Saturday — with cops helpfully ignoring the billowing clouds of acrid pot smoke.

Some 400 marijuana fans, many openly smoking joints, gathered at high noon to march from 32nd Street to Union Square, where a legalization rally turned into an afternoon-long, music-filled smoke-in.

Their buzz was decidedly un-harshed by The Man.

“If they see anyone breaking the law, they’ll arrest them,” an NYPD spokesman said from Police Headquarters.

But at the rally itself — where participants waved “Legalize It” posters and a few more exuberant stoners cavorted in giant joint costumes — the cops adopted for a tacit all-toke, no-action policy.

“We have zero arrests, and we don’t plan on having any,” one sergeant told a Post reporter.

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