Australia – Dan Haslan, who is terminally ill, says he will keep using cannabis to relieve his pain. And even his local cop supports him

Dan Haslan has terminal cancer and his family, and the town of Tamworth are battling to decriminalise cannabis for the terminally ill because it keeps the post chemo nausea at bay. Source: Supplied

EVERY week Dan Haslan breaks the law by smoking marijuana and taking cannabis oil. He not only has the approval of his father, an ex-drug squad detective, but also has the blessings of his town’s top cop.

The 24-year-old has terminal cancer, and despite the illegality of cannabis use for medicinal reasons, the entire community, including the police have his back.
“I’ll probably get into trouble but why should we, with people with a terminal illness, create a criminal act for accessing things that relive their pain,” Tamworth Super Intendent Clint Pheeney said.
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