Marijuana, tons of cakes and bow ties: The best of Vienna’s balls

By Vera Mikusch

This is the first of its kind – the Weed Ball. This autumn the event with the motto Pleasure and Rationality will address topics including weed as a global economic factor, and discuss its medicinal properties.
The ball will not have a lot in common with traditional balls such as the Opera Ball. After  the opening waltz, the event will turn into a party, according to the activist Flash Fritz. DJ´s playing will be all from Vienna, including Tommes Unisono, Parama, Helios and Tapanov Spiritbase. While Vienna has realxed its laws on cannabis growing and possession, smoking in public is still not legal. Please be sure to inform yourself on Vienna’s laws and respect them.
Ticket prices range from €29 ($39) to €299 ($407).
The dress code is not specified yet, but my guess is that long evening robes won´t be obligatory.
Ball date: 25 October 2014
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